08-07-2020: Big Government ► Little Freedom → Huge Government ► No Freedom

Question:  Why is Big Government dangerous?

There are many answers but here’s One Answer:  Many psychopaths are attracted to large organizations where lack of moral constraint facilitates power accumulation. Intimidating size, employee drive for career enhancement and subordinate reluctance to irritate superiors generates self-interested hordes of employees masking socially deviant behavior of individuals along the way.  This is further facilitated by digitized technology, structured layers of fragmented redundancy and employee boredom, boxed in by increasingly mundane working conditions, leading directly to adverse risk behavior, unaccountable finger-pointing, and the sheltered comfort of non-transparent administrative bureaucracy.  At its extreme, no one, including apex leadership can be held responsible for anything at all – BUT – a plentiful supply of expendable, middle level managers are always available to grease the treads of worn bus tires as needed.

A society intent on its own sustainability must at least address the One Answer above.  Along this line of thinking are a collection of eight quotes attributed to the late, Lord Acton.

Regarding POWER and AUTHORITY:

“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority; still more when you superadd the tendency of the certainty of corruption by authority.”

▪ “Despotic power is always accompanied by corruption of morality.”

▪ “Authority that does not exist for Liberty is not authority but force.”

Regarding LIBERTY and FREEDOM:
“Liberty becomes a question of morals more than of politics.”

▪ “Liberty is the harmony between the will and the law.”

▪ “Property, not conscience, is the basis of liberty. For the defense of conscience need not arise. Property is always exposed to interference. It is the constant object of policy.”

▪ “Liberty consists in the division of power. Absolutism, in concentration of power.”

For those unfamiliar – according to Britannica:
John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, 1st Baron Acton, in full John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, 1st Baron Acton of Aldenham, 8th Baronet, (born January 10, 1834, Naples [Italy]—died June 19, 1902, Tegernsee, Bavaria, Germany), English Liberal historian and moralist, the first great modern philosopher of resistance to the state, whether its form be authoritarian, democratic, or socialist.

If Lord Acton’s above remarks are accurate in whole or in part, they provide an intellectual yardstick of sorts by which the risk/benefit ratio of small versus large government Vis-à-vis Main Street citizens may at least be approximated.  This conveniently pragmatic yardstick can help Main Street assess threats posed to society by psychopathic leadership, elected or appointed.  Like medicine, however, the yardstick only works when used.

One easy assessment is the Marxist Democrat / Rino obsession with exponentially growing government and debt and increasing confiscatory rates of citizen taxation along with wholesale laundering of confiscated Main Street wealth while obliterating Main Street unalienable rights once recognized by our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  This is our sign and sadly, collectivist delusion and corruption do not originate at the Federal level but in our cities, counties and states.

Psychiatrists tell us psychopaths experience fewer rational, moral, or emotional impediments to goal attainment than non-psychopathic individuals irrespective of good or bad motives.  It’s not that they have no feelings, but that they cannot recognize or empathize with other people’s feelings or circumstances.  The psychopathic mind does not process information as does most of Main Street and as responsible citizens we must protect ourselves against managerial psychopathy.

We know from the published work of Professor Andrew M. Lobaczewski in Political Ponerology (A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes) and from other authors, psychopaths tend to imbed themselves within power structures.  Inside these organized corporate and governmental structures psychopathic impulses and activities are obscured and shielded by layers of managerial and administrative personnel.  Someone else is always blamed for problems or worse, explanations are so disingenuously complex, no one can be blamed.  This fits perfectly into the global syndicate enslavement agenda, so corruption isn’t just covered up, but fostered and protected.  Always ask, “who benefits”?  Additionally, within fragmented organizational layers, among many mentally healthy people are up and coming psychopaths as well as those easily influenced and manipulated by peers and superiors.  The supply of psychopaths is apparently endless.

The larger any organization grows, including governments, the higher the probability of decreased transparency, and the more likely psychopathic individuals and those most easily led by psychopathic individuals will find a home in which to protectively nest while exercising accumulated power.  This is observably true in Washington D.C. and other G20 countries, where powerful government psychopaths masquerading as decision makers are in reality, bought and paid for pawns desperately striving to rise to or above the be-spoke boot-heels of their global syndicate handlers.  This is how more than $21 trillion dollars vanishes out the back doors of Congress from 1998 through 2015 without even a raised Congressional eyebrow.  This just within the two so-called budgets of HUD and DoD.

Donald J. Trump promised to drain this vile, corrupt swamp if elected President in 2016 and appears to be working mightily to do just that.  Why so many Americans fail to appreciate his efforts gives testament to shadow government control over deep state propaganda and the abject failure of American education to properly educate.

Unfortunately, even within the much-improved D.C. swamp since Donald Trump’s election, we still have 2019’s $4.448 trillion dollar morass referred to as the U.S. Federal Budget.  Under President Trump’s 2019 economy, $3.464 trillion in revenues were confiscated, producing a lowered annual deficit of $984 billion.  President Trump’s deficit reduction is quite something, particularly when compared to Obama/Biden’s 2nd largest U.S. budget deficit in history of $1.299 trillion.

While significantly improved under Donald Trump’s 25% deficit reduction, despite a nearly 100% corrupt House, U.S. Senate and a near-feral Federal Agency system, these parasitic budgets not only fail to benefit American Main Streets, but the enormously unmanageable scale masks obscene levels of wholesale theft and money laundering air-lifted out the back doors of Congress.

The U.S. on-book Federal debt as of this writing is ± $26.5 trillion; about $80,000 for every U.S. person and more than double that figure per still-working taxpayer.  On top of this, from fiscal 1998 through 2015, Dr. Mark Skidmore and a team of Michigan State graduate students have disclosed more than $21 trillion additional “undocumented” (off-book) debt, within HUD and DoD via published Inspector General Audit Reports.  Refer to https://missingmoney.solari.com/ for more info on this financial horror show.  This on-book/off-book debt totals more than $160,000 per U.S. person and doesn’t include Federal commitments to pensions, Social-Security, Medicare, Medicaid and so forth.  Making matters worse is the implementation of FASAB 56 during the Kavanaugh, Supreme Circus hearings.  FASAB 56 takes Federal Financial Reporting dark, so now we know even less than the little we once thought we knew relative to Federal Agency spending.  This is not self-governance.

It’s no longer arguable how out-of-control the U.S. Federal bureaucracy has become along with its growing disregard for self-governing citizen input, whether through wholly corrupted representation and a malfeasantly monitored election system; or the perverted tendency of this broken governmental system to expensively defend itself at Main Street expense while protecting roque elements within its cancerous bowels.  This self-destructive U.S. circumstance, left untethered, will reduce American citizens to the plight of Russia, China, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, or other dream-scapes so loved by hypocritical Marxist Democrats and Rino Republicans who don’t inhabit those degenerate places.

Government is not the enemy of the people.  BUT like a camp fire in a dry Ponderosa Pine forest or any other dry, “at risk” fire area, it can be controlled; and if campers are responsible, must and will be appropriately monitored and controlled – even extinguished, if necessary to protect the forest, it inhabitants and its visitors.  Neither the forest nor the fire are problems in and of themselves.  However, apathetically assign a psychopath or two, or hundreds, even thousands… and look out.  The forest ain’t safe no more.

 I contend we haven’t been paying attention and our country ain’t safe no more and we better stand together and do something about it in November because the Marxist Left and their complicit, place-holding Rinos are scared to death of President Trump’s swamp draining program.  Global syndicate order-followers are going insane, becoming increasingly dangerous to the point we the sane people of Main Street must deal with it.  This is evidenced by the lying crescendo of MSM screeching and this summer’s desperate agitation of the uninformed by paid organizers of chaos.

This is our country.  We have a right, duty and responsibility to protect each other and to deny the lying divisive propaganda MSM order-followers are vomiting 24/7 on behalf their maniacal globalist handlers.  Black, white, red, orange, or whatever color we are each born does not matter.  Wealth, education, religion, culture, sexual orientation, or whatever else mutants work to distract and divide us with does not matter.  I do not believe for one minute we hate each other, but time is growing short.  We must start living together in a more coherent, civilized way or our American experiment in self-government fails.

Together we stand.  Divided we fall.  The choice is ours and not choosing is a bad choice.  I for one, support President Trump and his team in this momentous battle for good against Luciferian evil.  I hope you do as well.

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