08-12-2020: Teachers-Taxes-Reason

I have viewed teaching as a noble profession for most of my life.  Some of my favorite people have been or are teachers.  I’m blessed with fond memories of having been taught by them or in some cases, such as Dr. Thomas Sowell or Father Dumitru Staniloae, having read their works; and there’s no doubt in the mind of anyone who knows me, I’m a better person than I had been for it.  Disappointingly, the past decade or so has begun altering my perception of the teaching profession to a point, I wonder if the term professional even applies?

Liberals often demonstrate inability to connect one dot with another, even when clearly on the same geometric line; not necessarily a math skill by the way. Ineptitude with inductive or deductive reasoning skills has become a liberal cult trademark; and for reasons I don’t understand, more and more teachers are flocking to liberalism, or worse, fully indoctrinated Marxism.  Sounds harsh, but a widespread, current events view of this phenomenon makes its own point.

Significant numbers of primary and secondary school teachers across the U.S., apparently confident their employment, salaries and benefits are secure, even unassailable are demanding schools not be re-opened this fall because of the COVID Plandemic or are pushing for online classes to replace brick and mortar attendance.  Is this self-important confidence the result of union protection, school district insulation or something else – I don’t know and am not sure it matters.  Many teachers, public and private, openly support Antifa, Black Lives Matter (BLM) or other Marxist/Fascist groups violently rioting, looting, burning buildings, etc.; and in some cases, only in small numbers I imagine, are participating in the riots.  I don’t know what the rioting-teacher participation numbers are, and would think quite small, but they exist.

Making matters worse, Blue City Mayors and Blue City Councils, at least in cities like Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, and others, generally enabled by Blue State Governors, support rioting, looting and property destruction as legitimate means of political expression, thereby enabling the decimation of their local property tax base.  Apparently, no blue professionalism to be found in local politics either, bringing me to the point of teachers, taxes and reason – because these are directly connected though it appears neither Leftist teachers, nor local Leftist politicians connect them.

We are not discussing private schools here even though many of them are guilty of Leftist indoctrination, because private schools are primarily funded by tuition, though voucher programs or other programs may complicate funding origination.  Public school teacher salaries on the other hand as well as municipal salaries and benefits for both are directly connected to and reliant on local property tax revenue, usually through the surrounding county, though a mix of user fees, sales tax, Federal, State and Other may be involved, especially in rural or impoverished areas.  Special education programs, vocational programs, as well as other programs for example, may be subsidized through targeted State funds or grants. The predominant local revenue generator for teacher and municipal compensation, however, is some combination of property taxation, user fees or sales tax.

As a licensed civil engineer working on dozens of educational campuses in a number of different cities and states over four decades, I have not seen routine operations and maintenance budgets funded by bond issues.  These O & M budgets, in my experience are usually funded by property taxes, while capital budgets for new or remodeled facilities projects are typically funded through sale of bonds.

I hope it’s becoming obvious we’re about to connect two very large dots here.  Dots apparently invisible to many Blue Teachers and Blue Municipal employees and officials.  The first giant dot is salary and benefit compensation.  The second enormous dot is property taxation and to a more variable extent, user fees and sales tax revenue.  I have yet to see anyone in MSM interviews raise the obvious issue concerning:  IF LOCAL COMMERCIAL/RETAIL/INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY TAXES, USER FEES AND SALES TAX ARE DECIMATED BY RIOTING, LOOTING AND PROPERTY DESTRUCTION – HOW ARE TEACHER SALARIES AND MUNICIPAL SALARIES GOING TO BE PAID?

As a side note, municipal law enforcement salaries are similarly funded. De-funding police is Blue Fun today, but as crime predictably explodes and property values plummet – guess what – these unfortunate Blue Cities lose their ability to fund police at all in the coming years. This NWO inspired, well funded Leftist Merry-Go-Round of decimation will keep on spinning like a perpetual motion machine unless we wake up and get off the whirling death spiral.

Closed businesses can’t pay user fees, special assessments, sales tax or property tax can they? Closed businesses connect directly to job loss, leading to residential mortgage defaults, reduced velocity of local money, banking problems, etc. in a rippling vortex of financial devastation. Recognizing the problem here is not Harvard MBA territory. My cats see it clearly as their crunchies and treats are at risk and they don’t appreciate that.

How is it, supposedly educated, blue people are not wondering about this huge, hungry deficit beast drooling in the middle of their expensive school administration offices, teacher-union halls and City Halls?  Failure to recognize real-life connections between these financial dots suggests endemic failure of American education to teach inductive or deductive reasoning.  The logical negligence here is frightening given these blue people are in charge of mis-educating our young people in so many of our failing, over-priced public schools and now, at least some of them are literally cheering for annihilation of their own cities. This is beyond foolish to just plain sad.

Not to lash out irrationally, BUT where do blue people imagine they’ll get food to eat, or medicine and other necessities if and when truckers decide Blue Cities are too dangerous to make deliveries in?  Truck drivers typically work alone, sometimes in pairs called teams, but in either case are generally unarmed and not outfitted to protect themselves or their loads from angry mobs.

The inability of Socialist-Democrats and Establishment Republican Rinos to think or connect obvious dots is a bit sobering for any awake person but should probably rise to the level of frightening for those unfortunately living and working in a Blue City.  The Left has never historically done anything anywhere on earth other than criticize, ridicule, demonize, tear apart and destroy existing economies and governing systems; and with that destruction, all lives within reach of those crushed systems.

There are no examples of any nation sustaining Marxism for more than three or four generations, BUT in the wake of Marxist failure we find hundreds of millions starved, imprisoned, tortured, displaced, impoverished and murdered. We need to help each other wake up or face an American re-do of Russia’s 1905-1917 mess, Mao’s Satanic Cultural Revolution of 1966-1976, or today’s starving Venezuela.  Is this what we want? It’s certainly what Clinton, Biden and Obama’s mentors in CPUSA and Weather Underground said they wanted.

I’ve been against Federal intervention to quench Blue City riots and property destruction as I viewed this as a local law enforcement issue and our Federal government is not granted local police authority under our Constitution.  My initial view was limited and incorrect.  We now know, Antifa, Black Lives Matter and similar groups are funded from sources both inside and outside the U.S.  Clearly, outside funding and outside organizational assistance for violence constitutes an attack on the people of the United States – not only justifying Federal defense of citizens against this obscene attack but requiring it.

However, this plays out, I suggest praying for the Trump Administration to get it right, along with getting out of Blue Cities as soon as possible if you live in one – not an easy thing to do as only fools will buy property under attack or abandoned in an autonomous zone. As a minimum, if you cannot relocate to safer ground, put away food, water, supplies, self-defense weapons and ammo to protect your family, friends and neighbors from the violent black storm clouds approaching on the ignorant Leftist horizon. President Trump usually has a plan ten or so steps ahead of the NWO morons, but don’t rely on that. Take steps to secure yourself, family and friends now because this is already ugly and will likely continue downhill if psychopathic NWO pawns remain operationally functional.

We can work together defending ourselves and each other, buying time to resolve this dangerous Leftist stupidity via the voting booth – or we can drown each other in violence together as a divided nation.  It appears one or the other is coming down the road to our neigborhoods, so make the right choice and get ‘er done – or be prepared.


And P.S. Maybe as parents we should start paying attention to our School Boards and teachers we’re putting in front of our kids? It’s a teacher’s job to teach, not proselytize political and cultural views appropriately taught at home by parents. Just sayin’.

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