08-21-2020: Violence in a Post Literal Society

It’s important as American citizens, we love each other and protect each other to the maximum extent possible, especially when attacked by ignorance and Luciferian hatred.  We cannot falter in this and expect support from Divine Providence.  Prayer, fasting and honest repentance before our Creator are necessary ingredients for obtaining spiritual discernment, wisdom, strength and fortitude.  God doesn’t do anything to us or for us but aids us with sufficient grace upon request to secure our liberty, prosperity and protection.[1]  With love in our hearts, we can humbly, aggressively and powerfully defend ourselves and each other with all the compassion or force necessary to assure complete victory over the violence of evil.  Love is the path, even in war.

According to Quote Investigator ( https://quoteinvestigator.com/2014/07/13/truth/ ), in 1710, as an editor of UK’s The Examiner, Jonathan Swift wrote:
“Besides, as the vilest Writer has his Readers, so the greatest Liar has his Believers; and it often happens, that if a Lie be believ’d only for an Hour, it has done its Work, and there is no farther occasion for it. Falsehood flies, and the Truth comes limping after it; so that when Men come to be undeceiv’d, it is too late; the Jest is over, and the Tale has had its Effect…”

Prescient words even more relevant 310 years later.  These words were written in pre- Marshall McLuhan centuries when civilization clung to common sense impressions such as, the content of speech “…is an actual process of thought…”,[2] whereas McLuhan proclaimed in 1964, regarding technology anyway, The Medium Is the Message.[3]  True or not, we’ve come a long way baby, so, case in point, regardless the medium, beware the message!  American education dumped rational thought standards in the round file along with history, leaving scratchy screeching sound-bites as our new educational normal; our children’s lost futures offered in payment.

Intentional omission of information and misinformation are now post-literal, de rigueur standards for mainstream journalism uniformly serving the New World Order agenda; maybe consisting of six or so transnational media corporations synced in cartel lockstep. Complacent acceptance by par and sub-par voters across the United States completes the equation where lies in = ignorance out.

Excepting occasional accidents of mainstream journalism, only among under-capitalized independent journalists, i.e., alternative media, can factual information be ferreted out from under sacred burial mounds of legacy news misinformation, social media censorship, internet shadow banning, etc. The synergy of corrupt government with media lies controlling uninformed voters has resulted in an Administrative Dictatorship effectively managed by information manipulation. America and the world are caught up in a 21st century information war where individual autonomy, opportunity, decency and now safety are up for grabs.

Marxist Democrats and Establishment Republicans, both groups comprised of dutiful Hegelian pawns are nothing if not good liars. Lying of course, is a characteristic trait of successful Leftists stumping for global totalitarianism. Misrepresentation of historic and scientific fact are a new educational reality largely replacing factual information with complete or partial falsehoods,often by omission. When not lies by omission, falsehoods are constructed using targeted exaggeration, punctuated with endless streams of misleading embellishment usually proclaimed in professorial tones issued with a slow pedantic cadence arrogantly imparting tumultuous import to every word.

Seeds for Dumbing-Down America planted more than a century ago have taken academic root and sprouted, blossoming into an electrically charged, pseudo-reality not unlike a moving holographic image projected onto dirty air – a new type of picture show no longer dependent on dusty tubes, whirring wheels or perforated celluloid strips.  Critically theorized Frankfurt School anti-comrades along with Italian Marxist, Antonio Gramsci and dozens of others under global syndicate tutelage have slowly brought Karl Marx’s Satanically apocalyptic nightmare to life, as if magically raising vampires by the millions from intellectual cemeteries.  Unfortunately, the holographic message is real, regardless its vacuous form of presentation. Hundreds of millions murdered across collectivist nations over the past century stare, hollow-eyed in silent accusation.

For nearly a full week in August 2020 the world has been rhetorically clubbed and embarrassed by unabashedly Marxist Democrats holding hands with Establishment Republican comrades, inadvertently together eulogizing the violent murder of once impressive American cities without bothering to mention the carnage Blue Comrades are engaging in.  The Democrat Party has reduced the American people to a bad joke around the world, which by the way frightens the world as many have learned the truth of socialism the hard way.  From basements, closets, and tiny libraries, guarded by heavily armed security against their own mindless goons, Blue Politicos hide behind microphones, removed from burning Blue City neighborhoods they promised to protect, but now refuse to defend. Defiantly, they sometimes sheath themselves in elite purple while blabbering about nothing and signaling evil to please continue, all the while earnestly ignoring the violence they’ve wished upon Main Street.

How gullible must voters become to believe a disparate group of dishonest con artists guilty of aiding and abetting the burning of their own cities while ordering law enforcement to stand down, are the same con artists who can or will solve societal problems or make anyone’s life better? How is this dichotomy credible?

This tiny number of highly paid, integrity challenged, Blue Political Zombies, marketed by MSM as Democrat leadership, carefully read from their programmed teleprompters lies their handlers gave them.  Armed before cameras in tiny rooms, not with facts or proposed ideas, but with nothing more than solemn expressions and practiced platitudes, they shamelessly, to a man and woman, spewed magnificent lies peppered with brief smatterings of how they, and they alone, after decades of doing nothing but extort the American populace, are now going to improve the circumstance of every citizen, though they wouldn’t say how this might occur.

In hair-sniffing Joe Biden’s defense, while characterizing President Trump’s real successes as too late, and too little, as he straightened his slumping shoulders before a likely marathon of video takes, promised with straight face, that in January 2021, five months from now, he would if elected, impose a national mask mandate solving the COVID Plandemic; AND further, promised to make America better again.  Maybe he could donate some of the blood money Ukrainian government officials claim his family appears to be receiving from Chinese and Ukrainian oligarchs? Time will tell if this is true as it plays out. I admit, however useless Joe’s pandering, it is policy of sorts. Too little, too late Joey! Does this corrupt fraud think we’re going to be wearing silly masks five months from now? Even sheep eventually say no to public shaming by hungry wolves. Is it really possible people vote for this gibberish – or does the lie of voter fraud, make it appear so, like another hologram?

21st century life for many of us, but fortunately not all of us, is corralled into a spiritually decimating, deep cultural abyss between two rocky cliffs, one good and one evil.  Our abyss is imbued with Marxist hive-mind confusion and chaos seeded by bigoted pseudo-academics leaving in their matriculated wakes, herds of wandering study group victims, some now governors, mayors, etc., ignorantly and emphatically articulating personal violence, mindless vandalism, and burned out businesses as protected forms of political and/or cultural expression. American cities, reduced to polluted, boarded-up commie slums and impoverished citizens are the Blue Democrat legacy.

In a world where decent people innocently clamor for distracting, televised cynicism vomited from TV’s, computers, phones, ipads, etc., maliciously led to narrowly focus impotently divisive, growing frustration on some common enemy, enemy or not; submissively reacting to some horrible deemed threat pointed out and targeted for them by highly paid lifetime actors, skilled at caustically spattering aborted meaning onto our technologically pirated lives – we can conclude we have entered a post-literal reality, a liberal nightmare of sorts, where accurate perception, factual information and reasoned speech serve only to provoke anger, reflexive retaliation, angst and more division. We are throwing ourselves at the voracious Luciferian maw. Great care is warranted.

It appears the global syndicate trap being set in hope of keeping its many deep state pawns out of GITMO goes something like this:  As Marxist Democrats, we don’t have a candidate and have no solutions for anything, so can’t win a national election in November.  Even the Establishment Republicans can’t save us from ourselves.  Plan “A” then is:  use liars Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as blue beacons of victimhood around which Obama’s dream for a civilian army of dumbed-down street comrades is realized to mindlessly spread lies, hatred, violence, and chaos.  This sets the November 4th stage for denying President Trump’s deserved second-term victory, thereby justifying more violence, hoping Patriots react in kind.  Reacting too soon, however, would be an error on the Patriot’s part. Our own forcible defense mounted too early, will feed MSM narratives propagandizing normies to believe Leftist terrorism is not only justified but necessary to save the country from rampaging conservative Nazis.

Of course, they omit explaining the despotism Main Street must be saved from by the Left is the same despotism the Left themselves will impose if regaining control of the unholy D.C. swamp. A despicable globalist plan, but if we Patriots keep our heads, remain calm and act judiciously, good wins over evil and we will bridge the abyss.  We will have circumvented as much violence and mayhem as possible, whereas reacting too soon predictably increases losses on both sides – the obvious Luciferian intent, though the Left doesn’t get that.

My humble suggestion for Patriots is, hold it a minute.  Be patient.  We must courageously and intelligently state our political and cultural opinions wherever we can, even though it appears pointless.  Get out the vote.  Assure overwhelming numbers of Patriots make their voting voices heard.  Police the mailboxes and polls diligently.  Let the global syndicate’s Leftist battering ram show themselves for the demonic tools they are.  We patiently lock and load together as one, defend ourselves and each other as necessary, but not offensively – until – THE VOTES HAVE BEEN COUNTED, TRUMP WINS AND THE LEFT MAKES ITS PREDICTABLE FATAL MISTAKE.

The Left’s seditious soft coup attempts have failed miserably despite MSM cheer-leading.  They will either stop the election, or more likely, confuse election results, then attempt a violent coup during the endless tabulation period or after election results are in.  Either way, after that, it’s gloves off.  What happens, sadly happens, but if we have love in our hearts, iron in our fists, and magnum hollow-points in our chambers, despite whatever violence comes our way –  WE FINISH THE FIGHT AND GOOD WINS! WE WILL TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK FROM MARX’S DEMONIC TRIBE.


[1] Ballard, The Covenant, One Nation under God.

[2] McLuhan and Lapham, Understanding Media, 8.

[3] McLuhan and Lapham, chap. 1.

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