08-23-2020: What Does WW III Look Like?

Are we already in WW III?  How difficult might it be to identify asymmetric warfare when we’re caught in the middle of it?  The demonic global syndicate has abused American and European wealth, diplomatic influence and military power to control and resource rape third world developing nations for decades.  De-capitalization of the U. S. began in 1998, culminating with the 2008 financial coup d’etat we just lived through.  Clearly an open attack on America’s middle-class, in part by rogue elements in our own government, what might the coup de grâce look like?  Is the elite machine now being more aggressively turned on American and Western European Main Streets as part of the global financial reset?  Have we been feeding the hungry beast now staring us in the face?

Who is executing scorched earth strategy in Blue City small business neighborhoods and beyond?  Why are Blue State and Blue City governments openly standing down; avoiding elected responsibility to protect taxpayers, other citizens and property?  Clearly, imbeciles destroying their own communities do not have the brain power to plan and execute this scope of mayhem, so who are the organizers?  Who’s paying to have pallets of bricks and whatever else delivered to targeted areas?  Who’s paying agitators to come in and incite uninformed locals to damage themselves?  Is it possible the orchestrated violence, rioting, vandalism, and property destruction corresponds to Trump Administration OPPORTUNITY ZONES?  We don’t know yet, but maybe?  If so, we as citizens ought to be concerned; ought to be wondering what is happening here; and why?

As I understand it, the Trump Administration Opportunity Zone Program was added to the 2017 Tax Bill largely via the efforts of U.S. Senators Tim Scott (R-SC) and Cory Booker (D-NJ).  The program identifies approximately 8,800 low-income census tracts in which as much as $75 – $100 billion of incentivized private investment is encouraged.  I have no idea how much monies have been allocated to date.  Sounds wonderful – but as always – WHO REALLY BENEFITS?  Are investors, entrepreneurial citizens and their customers mutually benefiting these neighborhoods?  Assuming Trump Administration motives are admirable toward Main Street America, and I do until proven otherwise, how might deep state order-followers respond to such a program?  Given the NWO dream for global slavery, this program doesn’t fit the global syndicate paradigm at all does it?

Below is a link to a study just getting started by Catherine Austin Fitts and friends at The Solari Report.  Ms. Fitts mentioned this new study in an interview with Greg Hunter at USA Watchdog.  Here’s a link to the interview:  https://usawatchdog.com/we-are-entering-into-a-war-period-catherine-austin-fitts/

Here’s another link to the Solari Report study at today’s state of completion:  https://golocal.solari.com/draft-copy-mapping-minnesota-riot-damage-opportunity-zones-and-fed-banks-a-work-in-progress/

Solari’s first effort is mapping riot damage in Minneapolis and St. Paul.  You can see Solari’s first mapping efforts by going to the above link.  No conclusions are possible at this point, but curiously, riot damage appears to correspond at least roughly to the Lake Avenue Opportunity Zone in Minneapolis and the St. Paul University Street Opportunity Zone in St. Paul.  Do we believe in coincidence?

After nearly four-years of soft-coup attacks against the Trump Administration (our government by the way), we have a 99.999% unjustified first punch COVID Plandemic shutdown quickly followed with the second punch riots and property destruction.  American Main Street small businesses comprise about 40% – 45% of all U.S. business and we’re watching mindless zombies burn these businesses to the ground in Blue State City after Blue State City in real time – mostly in minority neighborhoods.  Looks like the well-funded Black Lives Matter movement does not cherish black lives much.  BLM partner, Antifa’s disregard for decency goes without saying.  If this is not an attack on the Main Street middle and lower classes, what is it?  Have elites decided they don’t want to tithe crumbs to their sheep anymore?

In this context, we should not lose sight of developing surveillance and control technologies incrementally coming online along with increasing threats of violence and these now-common, forced herding activities.  Mask shaming, business closings and stay home incarceration are all the rage these days, even in so-called Red States.  Propaganda and indoctrination work alongside aerosol spraying and the ionization of earth’s atmosphere, weather manipulation, electronic tracking, entrainment technology and ultimately, Full Spectrum Dominance beneath Space Fence Lockdown.[1]  Is this situation resembling a well-thought-out, diabolical plan? Let me get my tin-foil hat.

IMF central planners have headed a One World Currency Main Street’s way at least since 1988’s article in The Economist (01-09-1988: Get Ready For the Phoenix) stating:“Pencil in the phoenix for around 2018, and welcome it when it comes.”  I don’t attend globalist meetings so can’t say what this intended One World Currency was to consist of, but the only touted alternative on the table since then, has been crypto currency.  Aside from the misleading but popular sales pitch for cryptos as anonymous, it is now clear blockchain technology renders every transaction in the chain traceable.  This is the point of blockchain.  Segments of the trucking industry have been using smart contracts for years to track shipments and payments, so all parties are integrally protected.  There can be no such thing as anonymous digital transactions within the blockchain as currently designed.  This is powerful tracking technology controlled by simple keyboard commands. We should be cautious in its application.

Ms. Fitts has raised legitimate questions about crypto currency for years and she’s nothing if not knowledgeable and insightful.  If Ms. Fitts is correct, it’s highly likely cryptos are intended as a financially transactive means for implementing “top down controls” on every member of society?  Obey or your monthly government stipend is turned off.  This reasoning accounts in part for Marxist pawns like Bernie, AOC, or even my own Arizona Republican Congressman, Paul Gosar and others imploring us to implement Federal legislation advancing blockchain.  Socialist blockchain proponents also stump for an annual monthly stipend to be paid by government to citizens.

May I remind ourselves; government does not produce wealth – we do that – so the stipend is paid by us to us.  In other words, we take money from Susie to pay Ralph and the deal structure dictates we pay $1.00 to receive $0.01 or some such thing.  Obscene stupidity out in the open.  Talk about openly juxtaposing government dependency and 100% enforceable tyranny right on the MSM Mockingbird table – there it is.

Are we experiencing waves of WW III asymmetrical attack on European and North American citizens? How much involvement does the Chinese Communist Party have in all this? What other countries are involved? We know global syndicate Made-Man, George Soros is involved. Who pulls his strings? Who is working with him? Anyone? Anyone?

I suspect we’re seeing right now, in real time, not what WW III may look like – BUT – what WW III is.  We are living the history of global elite psychopaths attempting to enslave earth, not just with armaments but with regulatory dictatorship.  Sounds extreme, but can we imagine the demonic folks orchestrating WW I and WW II; the nut-jobs orchestrating hundreds of millions butchered under Stalin, Mao, Castro, Pol Pot, and other tin-pot Marxist dictators will hesitate to provide Western European and North American citizens their chance to experience the joys of totalitarianism?  These people are sick.  These demonic psychopaths are running loose in the halls of power and their order-following secret societies appear intent on re-instituting slavery, though in its new technocratic format.  It may be in our best interest to wake up and say NO THANK YOU.

[1] “Under an Ionized Sky: From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown: Elana Freeland: 9781627310536: Amazon.Com: Books,” accessed April 14, 2018, https://www.amazon.com/Under-Ionized-Sky-Chemtrails-Lockdown/dp/1627310533/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1523733639&sr=8-1&keywords=under+an+ionized+sky.

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