08-28-2020: Capitalism, Consequence and Self Interest

The more violence necessary to maintain a system,
the less sustainable the system.

Unfortunately, Marxist/Fascist systems always tend toward violence. Coercion and force are necessary to prevent free exchange of ideas, goods and services between individuals acting in their own interest; such trade being essential to any free society and in a larger sense, civilization itself. In the totalitarian mind, however, such exchanges pose an imminent threat to any group of pathological individuals holding the reins of power over their authoritarian state. Free trade supposes free thought and the liberty of individual value assessment; both anathema to dictatorship.

Note: For a larger discussion regarding relationships between free trade, money and freedom itself, I suggest a look at Murray N. Rothbard’s 1963 tome, What Has Government Done to Our Money?

Fortunately, the practical result of different people or nations working together while seeking their own self-interest honestly and openly is a self-regulating balance of power and naturally occurring division of effort.  Nations, like groups of individuals comprising them, have varied cultures and interests, are never equal; but can freely choose to share cultures, interests, gifts and skills with each other.  Disputes arise, but with good faith can readily be resolved.  Such trading relationships, engaged in good faith, tend to promote equilateral opportunity.  Mutual benefit accrues for each participating person or nation through shared enjoyment of each other’s strengths, abilities and scarce resources while offering some degree of compensation for each other’s weaknesses or deficiencies. No two humans value anything the same way or to the same extent – precisely the basis for trade in the first place.

Free market Capitalism can create an environment where this idyllic circumstance prevails indefinitely; faltering or failing only when abused or compromised by bad faith.  It’s the rewarded carrot over the punitive stick as a preferred societal training option.  Positive reinforcement works with animals and humans, requiring little or no violence to obtain positive results.  Real life horse whisperer, Mr. Buck Brannaman has been proving this for decades by demonstrating how often the human rider requires more training than the horse. Confidence is germane to mutually beneficial creature interaction.

Free market capitalism is like money whispering.  Regulated beneath a morally stable, self-governing, constitutional republic or something like it can and does in historic fact, optimally provide for the possibility of abundant life, liberty, and pursuit of individual happiness.  Recognition of unalienable, God-given rights by a people managing such a governing system can ensure nothing is taken from one to benefit another.  Sharing is by Judaeo-Christian choice, not dictatorial confiscation with arbitrary or privileged re-distribution by coercion or force.

Free markets and self-governance create and nurture a circumstance wherein wealth and abundance can be freely created and shared with mutual benefit. The more creatively and generously we share our gifts at sustainable profit levels, the more potential benefit for society, the more abundance provided for everyone and the more stable the system. Marxist/Fascist systems by contrast, take from one, give crumbs to another while the ruling class and elites confiscate everything of value for themselves beneath the masquerade of “greater good”.  This unproductive Luciferian system, whether called slavery, feudalism, serfdom, mercantilism, crony-capitalism, communism, socialism, fascism or whatever, is proven historically to be 100% unsustainable, producing only subjugation, fear and impoverishment for the victim society.

Bearing the above discussion in mind, President Donald John Trump pledged AMERICA FIRST to Main Street America from the beginning of his presidential campaign and four years later, has never stopped working to honor his pledge.  Some find this patriotic phrase off-putting, apparently associating it with nationalism, as though nationalism itself is a bad thing, perhaps conflating it with imperialist colonialism.  On the other side of the Hegelian wall, many of us cherish it along with the man who says it so often. I personally like Donald Trump’s idea, and view America as a nation spiritually designed from the ground up to spread Christ’s gospel along with liberty, protection and prosperity to all people everywhere. A loving message for anyone, anywhere, who shares an interest in hearing this message and living it.[1]

 Self-interest is an interesting concept.  (Play on words intended.)  Connotations of selfishness or greed readily come to mind, at least on the Marxist side – but there are other, more generous ways of thinking about self-interest.  We sometimes hear from motivational speakers, “we must love ourselves before we can love someone else”.  The idea appears to be, we cannot share what we do not already have.  In this same vein, we can’t share knowledge or wealth we don’t already possess.  We seldom, if ever, see dull, addled people educating others; poor people offering job opportunities; or weak people helping anyone else. This suggests self-interest may be key to helping others help themselves. A before B, before C and so on.

Historically, the most expeditious way for one person to help another or one nation to assist another is for that person or nation to first position themselves to “be able to help”, i.e., healthy self-interest development.  On an international scale, Americans can’t do much to help other people and nations across the globe unless America is first positioned to do so.  The now trite sounding adage peace through strength comes to mind.  Freedom is never granted.  Freedom is taken by those strong enough to take it and held by those strong enough to hold it.  America can help people of other nations become free – BUT – only if those people are willing to fight for their own freedom.  We saw this when France helped colonial America win its freedom from King George III.

Sadly, in a world where many hope for assistance by the people of the United States, our American Union is fighting once again, to sustain its own life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.  This time with an internal enemy, a God-less, parasitical, freedom hating disease called One World Government; its Leftist mercenaries indoctrinated and funded by largely unseen enemies to the point no local police force can readily cope by itself.

This Luciferian New World Order (NWO) ideology promulgating global slavery under the guise of social justice is anything but new.  It’s just a re-do of an ancient desire held by the obsessive few to control the many.  This NWO disease is spread by its raucous battering ram, the Left, a hybrid spawn of anarchy, Marxism and Fascism, knitted together by a misunderstanding of history and deep spiritual darkness.

The Left, for reasons its street thugs clearly fail to comprehend, despises liberty, protection, and prosperity – preferring instead, slavery, fear, and impoverishment.  I’m not aware of an instance where the Left raised its ugly head anywhere on earth, then at some bloody point, peacefully said, “Ooopps, made a mistake”, and vanished quietly down whatever dark hole it crawled out of.  The mindset of the Left is Satanic Abyss.  Curable in early stages, it quickly becomes chronically fatal to reason at which point its violent pawns can only be dealt with through imprisonment, exile, or elimination with extreme prejudice.  No compromise with Leftists has yet been possible, though with prayer, who knows what’s possible?

American streets in Leftist, so-called Blue Cities, are flooded with rampaging Leftist sycophants, frustrated with their inability to take whatever they wish from whomever they wish whenever they wish.  Paid agitators incite uninformed, otherwise decent people with valid concerns to mindless violence. Blue politicos do nothing, or urge continued burning of entire neighborhoods, homes and family businesses.  I hope and pray President Trump’s Administration has a plan to head off the growing interest of NWO pawns in civil unrest and KGB style societal de-stabilization.

On July 20th, Marxist Democrat and global syndicate order-follower, Nancy Pelosi issued a threat against President Trump to MSNBC’s talking head, Mika Brzezinski stating; he will be leaving the White House whether he knows it yet or not, even if he has to be fumigated.

Today, 08-28-2020, Kamala Harris, hateful, global syndicate V.P. pick for pathetic order-follower, Joe Biden, responded on Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show, to Colbert’s comment:  “I know that there are protests still happening in major cities across the United States.  I’m just not seeing the reporting on it that I had for the first few weeks.”

Harris answers back: “They’re not gonna stop, they’re not gonna stop. This is a movement, I’m telling you, they’re not gonna stop. And everyone be aware, because they’re not gonna stop before election day in November and they’re not gonna stop after election day. And everyone should take note of that, on both levels. They’re not going to let up, and they should not, and we should not.”

Apparently, childish ignorance is considered legitimate political speech on the Left?  Given the continuing soft coup d’etat efforts by the Left over the past four years, and now, in the context of violence and rioting condoned by the Democrat Party, this language by Pelosi, Harris and others of their ilk, is seditious and, in some respects, may be treasonous. Should we be wondering what level of blackmail or extortion is necessary to elicit such buffoonery? Who stands behind this blackmail and/or extortion – because they appear to be driving much of our political speech?

Clearly, Democrat leadership, if order-followers can be called leaders, is escalating its ongoing soft coup d‘etat to a more violent Marxist-Leninist level.  Hopefully, this calms down despite subversive influence.  If not, I hope our President has a plan to head this off at the pass, because if not; we have an enormous number of American Patriots, including this old man, who will, if necessary, unhappily end this attack and remove this ridiculous, though dangerous threat to our communities.  I pray this does not happen as such a reality is too horrible to contemplate living with.

A consequence of allowing psychopaths free speech is; today, across the world, we hunker down under what began as an asymmetrical economic attack via the Covid Plandemic against what remains of free Main Street economies. In America, global syndicate order-followers escalated to paid barbarism in Blue Cities, with the stated hope of expanding mercenary violence first to suburbs, then everywhere. These Marxist/Fascist, Democrat/Rino operatives openly screech their vicious intent to BURN IT ALL DOWN. We the people of Main Street can stand up to this Luciferian hogwash and stop it, or not. While we decide – let’s pray, fast and get out the RED VOTE on November 3rd.

Let’s see if we can still solve this together at the voting booth, thereby bringing about a more pleasant reality for future generations and much nicer memories.

[1] Ballard, The Covenant, One Nation under God.

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