09-11-2020: Lie, Disarm, Control

“All political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The communist party must command all the guns, that way, no guns can ever be used to command the party.”  {Mao Zedong}

Chairman Mao, as usual, was psychopathically incorrect.  Legitimate political powers derive from the people in defense of unalienable rights ordained by our Creator.  It is government power that is illegitimately spawned via threat of violence – the very reason Big Government is Dangerous Government.  Hence, the critical attention our U.S. Founders paid to this concept, resulting in our cherished Second Amendment.  As a practical matter if no 2nd Amendment; no 1st Amendment can stand.  We should not lose sight of this relationship.

Why bring this 2A thing up again?  Because practical paranoia demands it.  As suicided song writer, singer, and guitarist, Kurt Cobain remarked, “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not after you.”  The United States just lived through four years of non-stop, seditious coup attempts by traitorous Marxist Democrats and Rino enablers to unseat our duly elected President, Donald John Trump.  Now we the people of Main Street are under asymmetrical financial attack by the fake COVID-19 Plandemic, with its unconstitutional shutdown by despotic Mayors and Governors.  Serious talk of toxic vaccines, contact-tracing and other surveillance are on the table along with a host of other nonsense not imagined since the unconstitutional Patriot Act.

All this subversion while our monolithically globalist U.S. Pravda comrades fan the propagandized flames of American middle-class destruction through its BLUE social-tech monopolies; DARPA (LifeLog) inspired Facebook/Instagram, CIA (indirectly) funded Google/YouTube and Twitter among others. Absurd tech cabal lies are now so shamelessly stupid it embarrasses Main Street Americans on the world stage, as our Main Street brothers and sisters across the world may think we are as gullible and naive as the sick demented psychopaths managing social media obviously think… if what they do can be called thought.

Some of us suspect the COVID mask shaming, slave training and economic devastation will end on November 4th.  Once upon a time in Wonderland before pedophilia and blackmail were invented, that may have been true; but no longer.  We’ve turned the Satanic corner to deep state panic and will face an onslaught of COVID-20, COVID-21, more spying, more censorship, more fires, more riots, more of whatever chaos the desperate global syndicate can dream up in its waning days.. and they are waning, hence the panic.  Most of us understand President Trump is not the target.  Main Street’s productively independent middle-class is the target, not just in America but worldwide.  One way or another, MARXIST/FASCIST BLUE POWER gains translate to further erosion of our constitutionally recognized right to defend ourselves.  It’s the only path to NWO subjugation and domination. The American middle-class must be brought to its bloody financial knees and disarmed or at least dis-ammoed.

Already we see property owners standing alone, without police protection, security or neighbor’s help, arrested for defending their lives and property, while LAWLESS BELOVED BLUE RIOTERS go free.  It is we the people of the silent majority who must stop this horror show.  This is our country.  We built this country regardless the opinion of arrogant, floppy eared clowns.  We defend each other or not.  I do not see how this is a choice.  So, as a reminder, since the chaos will lead to yet another 2A attack, I’m just pointing out a bit of gun control history because the only answer a free people can have to gun control is NO… or better, HELL NO!  If we don’t learn to say NO soon, we may lose our ability to even speak such a word in tomorrow’s rapidly evolving, dystopian surveillance state.

In 2019, New Zealand instituted its government firearm buy-back program under which a citizen exchanges all firearms for whatever value the government determines is fair.  Failure to comply carries an automatic criminal liability of up to five years in prison.  New Zealand does not require gun registration so has no way to track legal or illegal firearms.  The program failed miserably as less than 300 citizens responded to the so-called buyback.  No one knows how many illegal firearms are held by New Zealand citizens now deemed criminals by the government they pay for.

In 1996 Australia implemented its first gun surrender.  Two decades later, in 2017, amnesty was granted to any citizens turning in firearms.  The amnesty was in response to more than 260,000 illegal firearms estimated to be in possession of citizens since 1996.  Penalties for firearm possession after the amnesty period are fines up to $280,000 and imprisonment up to fourteen years.  Today, just three years later, mostly unarmed Australian citizens are under 100% police-state lock-down illegitimately justified by the Covid-19 Plandemic.

Today, beneath the fabricated Covid Plandemic both island states of New Zealand and Australia are under police-state lock-down to some degree with certain targeted areas under 100% lock-down.  In New Zealand, parents are being separated from children as determined by virus testing despite test inventors stating some test types are not diagnostic tools and are diagnostically unreliable.  Yet, a positive test means immediate incarceration in an internment camp until further undependable testing justifies release.  I believe this is a global syndicate test case gauging public response or lack thereof.

In Australia, within restricted postal codes, unarmed citizens are allowed one-hour outdoor activity daily and are not allowed to leave their neighborhood.  It appears food supply chains are being seriously disrupted, possibly leading to starvation in major cities like Melbourne.  I believe this to be another global syndicate test case.

South Africa has been haphazardly confiscating firearms for the past few years, more or less in tandem with the ongoing genocide of its once productive white population.  This is a brutal global syndicate test case.

In 2012-2013 Venezuela banned the legal sale of guns and munitions to private citizens and demanded voluntary surrender of citizen firearms.  Forced firearm confiscations followed though the program was ineffective, leaving an unknown number of firearms within the impoverished population.  I’m not aware of enforced gun registration in Venezuela prior to that time, which is most likely why the confiscation program was ineffective.  We know much of this ongoing abysmal human rights story.  Decent Venezuelan citizens may have arms, but impoverished, starving people encounter difficulty obtaining ammo, don’t they? I don’t think this is a test case, just another socialist disaster.

Do we want these test cases and Marxist disasters finding their way to United States’ shores… or have they already arrived in our Blue Marxist Democrat/Rino states and cities?  I suspect we are the newest test case.  If we fail to resist, we will likely develop into a completed project, i.e., global syndicate slaves.  I will not comply and do not wear a mask.

I don’t claim disarming leads automatically to dictatorship.  That said, I also see no way for a disarmed population to escape dictatorship if government goons with weapons or outside forces seek to impose it.  Disarming is a bad idea in a dangerous world.  Americans are often accused of extreme violence.  Interestingly, if we subtract the unfortunate murders committed within Blue Marxist Democrat cities where gun restrictions are highest; we find the U.S. well down the international murder rate list.  The violence is not in CONSERVATIVE RED AMERICA. Note the 20 most violent cities in America are all Democrat run.  Two of the twenty claim non-patronage voting systems but are Marxist Democrat as a practical matter.

A few more examples of citizen disarmament. 

▪ Turkey, during the 1911-1917 period disarmed its citizens, after which, among other atrocities, the Armenian genocide was extended and expanded, adding nearly 1,500,000 murdered Armenians to Turkey’s earlier Armenian slaughter of nearly 500,000.

▪ In 1918 the Bolsheviks implemented wholesale confiscation of firearms after which civilian possession of a gun was punished by up to ten years in prison.  The dissolution of the U.S.S.R. did not change this, though smooth bore hunting firearms are allowed by obtaining difficult to get hunting permits along with pneumatic firearms for self-defense.  No one knows how many unarmed citizens were imprisoned, tortured, starved or murdered by Russia’s communist regime since, but numbers are estimated at more than 60,000,000 deaths through the 1950’s. It’s not clear how stringent gun control measures were, but it matters little as the Bolsheviks, once in power, exerted absolute domination under threat of imprisonment, torture, death or all three. The Kremlin demanded arrest and execution quotas be met by local jurisdictions regardless of guilt, innocence or even claims for either. Few dared question the heavily-armed Russian State – the totalitarian State funded by Wall Street, D.C. and City of London.

▪ In 1931 the German Wiemar government instituted firearm registration by all citizens for public safety.  This was enacted based on 1928 legislation previously passed, despite concerns regarding what could happen were such government records to fall into subversive hands.  In 1933, Adolph Hitler took power, eventually using those now existing government records to disarm the Jewish population and other dissidents.  To my knowledge, it isn’t true that Hitler generally disarmed the German people, though he did say vanquished nations must be disarmed to protect the Reich.  In 1938 the National Socialists backed off certain restrictions in the 1928 law, while at the same time depriving Jewish people of all rights to possess any form of weapon, including firearms, ammunition, truncheons, and certain types of knives.  More significant than German gun control is the simple fact that the NATIONAL SOCIALISTS CONTROLLED 100% OF ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING.  There were no choices for Main Street.

▪ In 1935 China placed restrictions on gun ownership but was permissive regarding friendly militias and other uses.  The CCP was not afraid of its starving peasants. I’m not aware of any overtly harsh gun restrictions implemented by Mao, who in the beginning was popular among the Chinese people anyway.  Later, after starving, imprisoning, murdering, and torturing more than 40,000,000 people, (no one knows the number) it was too late and a moot point. It’s not clear to me how stringent Chinese gun control measures were, but again, it matters little as, once the Communists gained power, they demanded strict obedience under threat of imprisonment, torture, death or all three, just as under Stalin or Hitler. Mao bragged in 1958 that his revolution had buried more than 46,000 scholars alive. If in doubt, talk with a few Tibetans.

I don’t believe the BLUE chaos and violence will end November 4th – not without strategic intervention by the Trump Administration directed toward arrest of violent subversives.  I’m not a fan of unconstitutionally authorized, local law enforcement intervention by Feds but today’s violence is no longer local in origin.  We see familiar Antifa and BLM faces, Obama’s civilian army I presume, in tent villages and riot videos recorded across the nation.  Clearly, these subversives are paid insurgents utilizing support from both inside and outside the United States being transported from targeted city to targeted city.  This renders their terrorist activity an act of aggression toward the American people fully justifying Federal intervention as local law enforcement often lacks means to reasonably counter the invasion of their city by outside forces.

The ongoing anti-Trump Administration coup has never comprised a Democrat/Rino investigation of any kind.  All these hoaxes are political operations designed to COVER-UP Obama Administration corruption and in some cases, treasonous activities.  We will eventually learn more about The HAMMER (HAMR), Mr. Dennis Montgomery and more than 30,000,000 American citizens and 12,000,000 U.S. businesses spied on for political purposes by the Renegade Obama Administration.

Donald Trump is a big boy, able to defend himself.  Most of us are not in that league, but there are 330 million of us on Main Street.  The deep state is desperate to keep such knowledge of corruption and treason from Main Street America.  Deep state apparatchiks don’t hate Donald Trump per say; he’s just courageously put himself, family and associates in their way.  They are scared to death of we the silent majority and what may happen should we the people of Main Street learn of their wholesale treachery.

Note: More information can be found on THE HAMMER at:

The deep state knows if Main Street gets a glimpse of reality, elites and their order-following thugs will not safely walk down any American street.  The Q movement and Yellow-Vest movements suggest this is the case on Main Streets across the planet. Hang on tight.  Put food and supplies away.  Get a good water filter.  Stock some quality ammo.  Sight your scopes in.  The road ahead has some bumps in it. We are living history.

Please be prepared.
Spend some time every day expressing love and gratitude for the wonderful gifts and relationships we already have.

Note: Democide estimates referenced above are taken from R. J. Rummel’s 1994 book, Death by Government.

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