10-03-2020: MAGA – America’s Opportunity Lost?

When was the last time American citizens had an American Presidential Administration claim interest in making American Main Streets better and safer — then actually work hard to do it?

The answer in my lifetime of 69-years is never.  Abraham Lincoln, our 16th President did his best to do the right thing, was gunned down on April 14, 1865 for his trouble, painfully expiring at 7:22 A.M. the following morning.  John F. Kennedy courageously attempted to derail Shadow Government treason and Deep State corruption until 12:30 P.M. (CST) on November 22, 1963.  Ronald Reagan fought a good game but was shut down dramatically after being wounded on March 30, 1981.  His wonderfully inspiring speeches but tattered legacy of debt, parasitic shadow government and deep state criminality literally buried American streets in narcotics while trafficking drugs, weapons, and laundered money across the globe.  Bill Clinton and Joe Biden, during their time, thankfully neither of them shot, followed up the CIA’s narcotics importation efforts by hopelessly imprisoning thousands of young Black and Hispanic men in profitable private prisons for minor crimes under the heinous 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act.

Suddenly, ejecting from the lofty heights of sky high real estate and prime time television, like a blonde phoenix rising from thermite fueled ashes of the Bush Crime Family’s 911 debacle and its unconstitutional Patriot Act scourge; Donald John Trump and his beautiful bride, Melania, on June 16, 2015, two days after his 70th birthday descend from Trump Tower luxury on an escalator to the beat of Neil Young’s Rockin’ In the Free World to announce his 2016 presidential run.  He became our 45th U.S. President on January 20, 2017. What benefits of this man’s impressive energy have American and world citizens lost out on due to the time and energy wasted on never ending attacks against his person and Administration? From my low level desert perch beneath a mesquite tree it’s not Trump who has been damaged. It is we the people of Main Street. Clearly we are the target of demon rage. President Trump merely stands bravely in destruction’s way.

Looking back over the past four years, understanding President Trump’s mission and role on the world stage clearly demands spiritual perspective. His purpose, though secularly rational, cannot begin to be grasped through secular eyes. It’s astonishing the extent to which so many are so blind to this. Outside the Q Movement, Mark Taylor’s Trump Prophesies, the global Yellow-Vest Movement and those hip to the Great Awakening, few admit any awareness of this singularly historic moment. Every age is biblical, but I think we can say our time is momentously biblical.

Given what President Trump’s Administration has accomplished in less than 48 months in the areas of world peace particularly in the Middle East as well as between Serbia and Kosovo, avoiding war with North Korea, implementing prison reform, private inner-city Opportunity Zone funding, growing the economy and reducing employment, lowering taxes for everyone, particularly the middle class, international trade agreements, manufacturing jobs coming back home, border security, taking care of our veterans, lowering medicinal costs, lowering health insurance premiums by allowing health insurance to be sold across state lines, securing our borders, etc.;  I can’t imagine what this work-horse Administration would have done for America and the world if we didn’t have an imbecilic herd of critical theory indoctrinated Marxist Democrats, disingenuously complicit Establishment Republicans and a thoroughly corrupted useful idiot media intentionally contesting every good thing that could be done for Main Street America?  Contesting by the way, to the point of sedition and for some, possibly reaching the level of treason when conspiring with other nations to undermine our U.S. government.

We now know through declassified documents and whistle-blower testimony, opposition research and illegal spying via the HAMMER Program by alleged Obama Administration felons and corrupt media began sometime before June 16, 2015 and led directly to global syndicate attacks launched by shadow government order-followers and privileged deep state pawns long before The Donald stepped off the escalator and Neil Young’s guitar chords stopped vibrating.[1]  We also know illegal spying on millions of American citizens goes back to at least 2001 using modern intelligence weaponry.  We know this through courageous NSA whistle-blowers J. Kirk Wiebe, Diane Roark, Ed Loomis and William Binney.  We can also trace Big Government Spying on American citizens as far back as the very high Counterculture 60’s with COINTELPRO and the old school Echelon Program and Five Eyes agreements between the U.S., Australia, Canada, New Zealand and United Kingdom.

Why does this straight-talking developer/contractor from Queens and his white hat associates strike such fear in the hearts of black hat Establishment Republican Rinos and Marxist Democrats?  The tall, generous, charismatic Donald was beloved prior to June 2015 having received more than twenty honorary degrees and distinguished awards as an upstanding individual, including by so-called Black leaders, who delighted in having photo-op pics taken with The Donald.  So, what happened in June 2015?

What chickens came home to roost?  Interestingly, the chickens appear to be greedy Democrat and Rino bred Neocon chickens, mostly from the Biden, Clinton, and Obama coops, though lavishly fed and pampered by complicit Rinos.  What began in June 2015 is called PROJECTION – a flood-level river of projection.  Catastrophic Obama Administration intelligence, diplomacy and financial failures in Ukraine, Syria, Russia, Libya, Iran, China and I suppose other locals were shamefully embarrassing; sinking to the level of naïve incompetence and character weakness, or as alleged by some, treasonous behavior, though news of these arrogant Obama Administration disasters is buried by the global syndicate’s obedient sycophant press corpse.

Many of us have heard disturbing Uranium One stories glossed over by legacy media or more fully disclosed by independent media of Vladimir Putin skillfully fleecing the corrupt Obama Administration while building Russia’s global nuclear fuel monopoly.  Putin apparently considered corrupt Hillary an easy target, behaviorally self-trapped by her obsession with money, but laughingly considered Barry Soetoro a pathetically weak, pliable simpleton.  Whatever the case, Uranium One became the stone around Hillary Clinton’s neck during the lead up to the 2016 Presidential election.[2]  We now know from more recently released unclassified documents, Hillary hatched a plot early in 2015 of which then FBI Director, James Comey was appraised in writing, then ignored, to project Obama and Hillary’s own Russian collusion culpability onto aspiring candidate Trump.  A straightforward fact Saint Comey while under oath no longer recalls though in his recent book glibly remembers what he had for dinner a decade ago. We also now know Barry was briefed by Comrade Brennan regarding Hillary’s plot against then candidate Donald Trump.

How many of us on Main Street have heard a word about Putin’s cyber-scheme to create a Russian Silicon Valley in Moscow called Skolkovo?  Or about Barry Soetoro and Hillary Clinton’s reset praise and support for this clearly anti-Western Russian venture?[3]  Investigative reporters, Seamus Bruner and John Solomon tell us:
“Skolkovo was not just a massive security threat to the United States; it turned out to be a potential gold mine for well-connected entrepreneurs and politically connected profiteers to cash in on their connections to Clinton and Obama.  Ironically, those who profited from Obama’s reset would later accuse then-candidate Trump and his associates of foreign lobbying and endlessly decry Trump’s ever-elusive ties to Russia.  Their scapegoat was Manafort, and the location of the frame-up was Ukraine.”

Let’s add to this skullduggery, though we won’t delve into it now, the Clinton-Gore history of the 1990’s Rape of Russia and the malicious take-over of Russian resources and industry by connected insider parasites euphemistically called Oligarchs. Let’s also recall the Clinton Crime Family was mentored by the Bush Crime Family beginning with whatever involvement then Arkansas’s Governor may have had regarding Mena Airfield’s role in Iran-Contra. Not much is known about this as alleged National Security concerns (read criminal cover-up) derail all investigation.

Why hasn’t our notorious Mockingbird Media informed Main Street USA of Biden Crime Family behavior related to their non-transparent Chinese deals?  Why do Joe Biden and legacy media protectors deny possible corruption in the $3.5 million dollar payment to Hunter Biden by the wife of Moscow’s Mayor?  Why do mainstream useful idiot pseudo-journalists zip their mouths and word processors down tight relative to Joe Biden’s quid pro quo threat to stop Ukrainian foreign aid in return for Ukrainian prosecutors dropping their corruption investigation into his son’s seat on the board of Burisma?  A threat V.P. Biden punkishly bragged about to members of the Council on Foreign Relations.  Via U.S. Senate Reports and other reporting, we now know there were at least two Obama Administration bribes to Ukrainian officials to squelch this Ukrainian corruption investigation.  Thankfully, the bribes have not done the job.  Why is this criminality ignored by the legacy media press corpse?  Why has such blatant Democrat/Rino corruption been projected onto President Trump with impunity?  Why would any competent journalist support such corrupt activity?

President Trump’s hard work, fortitude and developer creativity have, so far, reaped a multitude of benefits for American Main Street citizens.  This, despite an organized army of seditious, in some cases, treasonous enemies of the American people arrayed against him in pursuit of their Luciferian agenda to dis-empower and impoverish the American middle class to further implement the global totalitarian New World Order (NWO).  It’s beyond me how any American can support globalism or its evil communist battering ram.

Can any of us forget useful idiot, Ms. Anita Dunn’s atrociously ignorant statement referring to China’s psychopathic mass murderer, Chairman Mao as one of her “two favorite political philosophers”… “one of the two people I turn to most”.  We may recall Comrade Dunn serving as Barry Soetoro’s White House Communications Director and serving as campaign advisor to hair-sniffing Joe Biden.  Not sure how Comrade Dunn’s second fav is Roman Catholic, Mother Teresa given Mao’s slaughter of 40,000,000 people – with some estimates as high as 60 to 80 million – no one really knows.  Is it just Dunn pandering to the uninformed or had she already heard allegations of child trafficking in India through childcare centers run by Missionaries of Charity, the religious order founded by Mother Teresa in 1946?  I do not know and certainly Mother Teresa, a Catholic, makes an easy target, so no unfair jumping to conclusions.

My point here is, useful idiots like Anita Dunn who have never suffered one day under any Communist regime; experienced nothing of that brutal reality; and apparently are unfamiliar with the work of communist survivors such as Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and others – glamorize the Luciferian evil of totalitarian dictatorship while gluttonously enjoying the capitalist benefits of American life – including their Constitutionally recognized right to utter ignorant statements.

Pathetic lemming order-followers like Clinton and Obama, along with herds of useful idiots in the KKK, Antifa, Black Lives Matter (using Blacks – not for Blacks), ISIS and so many other terrorist organizations have targeted U.S. middle class citizens for destruction, in full service to Satanic NWO goals – and attack our duly elected President, Donald John Trump 365/24/7 because he stands between their malevolent world view, their NWO handlers, and our American Main Streets.


As we head toward November 3rd, please pay attention and exercise discernment because our children’s future does depend upon the outcome.  Globalist slavery and we the people of Main Street liberty are not compatible.

I for one, do not and will not comply with globalist tyranny by any name.

[1] “THE HAMMER Is the Key to the Coup ‘The Political Crime of the Century’: How Obama, Brennan, Clapper, and the CIA Spied on President Trump, General Flynn … and Everyone Else – Kindle Edition by Fanning, Mary, Jones, Alan. Politics & Social Sciences Kindle EBooks @ Amazon.Com.”

[2] Peter Schweizer, Clinton Cash.

[3] “Fallout: Nuclear Bribes, Russian Spies, and the Washington Lies That Enriched the Clinton and Biden Dynasties: Solomon, John, Bruner, Seamus: 9781642935714: Amazon.Com: Books,” 168–72.

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