08-02-2020: A Look at The Report From Iron Mountain

On July 30th, our TKC post considered Blue State/Blue City mayhem in the context of Marxist ideology functioning as a battering ram of the Luciferian global syndicate’s obsession with implementing their totalitarian New World Order (NWO).  This type of observation, is of course, circa late 1960’s and later CIA propaganda, routinely ridiculed by MSM order-followers as tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theory effectively relegated to the back-room of absurdity.  This proud brouhaha despite any evidence disputing conspiracy fact.

It occurred to me since I referenced the so-called global syndicate, cabal, or choose your own term; I have a responsibility to provide or at least point to evidence of conspiracy fact regarding alleged global syndicate activities and pursuit of their psychopathic quest for implementing global Main Street slavery under the social justice guise of outcome based (forced) equality, world peace and societal security.  After all, the American middle class is being brutally attacked and may suffer financial annihilation in front of our very eyes, though we prefer not to discuss it.

Since I read compulsively and have been ferreting out totalitarian gems from dusty, musty out-of-print sources since the late 1960’s – I’ll share a brief summary of one such contracted study, paid for, executed over a 2.5-year period, published, then kept from public view, for limited distribution to unnamed government administrators of high rank assumed to possess considerable political sophistication.

This Report is real.  The fifteen people who wrote it are real.  The government bureaucrats who paid for it and implement its findings to whatever degree are real.  Our Main Street lives are real and the impact of government policy on our lives is real.  What follows is conspiracy fact… and the conspiracy is not spawned on Main Street but in the corrupt halls of American power and governance.  Voter beware!

I’m referencing the Report From Iron Mountain on the Possibility and Desirability of Peace.  This Report is familiar to many curious rabbit holers, but to my knowledge the report has never been officially released or officially acknowledged by any government agency to the American public.  My musty copy, with inside cover stamped salvaged was once held in the Base Library of Laughlin Air Force Base outside Del Rio, Texas, card catalog call number 341.1; and is copyrighted 1967 by The Dial Press, Inc. of New York with introductory material by Leonard C. Lewin.  This Report was compiled based on research, discussion, and conclusions reached by a fifteen-person study group called The Special Study Group. The Group was compensated for its efforts, travel, etc.

I’m not going to summarize the report here; it’s an easy read for anyone obtaining a copy, but I will share the following statements taken from pages x, xi and xii of the Forward to this Report.  I have read the report in its entirety and these statements are accurate observations.  As you read the following, please note this report and reports like it issued by organizations such as Hudson Institute, Rand Corporation, etc. are routinely solicited by and used by elected and appointed officials in our corruptly psychopathic Washington D.C. halls of leadership.  Also please note, you and I as taxpayers, pay for these reports along with subsequent policy implementation.

The following six paragraphs are not from the body of the written report, but are observations included in the Forward to my published version, provided by Leonard C. Lewin.

“Lasting peace, while not theoretically impossible, is probably unattainable; even if it could be achieved it would almost certainly not be in the best interests of a stable society to achieve it.

That is the gist of what they say.  Behind their qualified academic language runs this general argument:  War fills certain functions essential to the stability of our society; until other ways of filling them are developed, the war system must be maintained — and improved in effectiveness.

It is not surprising that the Group, in its Letter of Transmittal, did not choose to justify its work to “the lay reader, unexposed to the exigencies of higher political or military responsibility”.  Its Report was addressed, deliberately, to unnamed government administrators of high rank; it assumed considerable political sophistication from this select audience.  To the general reader, therefore, the substance of the document may be even more unsettling than its conclusions.  He may not be prepared for some of its assumptions – for instance, that most medical advances are viewed more as problems than as progress; or that poverty is necessary and desirable, public postures by politicians to the contrary notwithstanding; or that standing armies are, among other things, social-welfare institutions in exactly the same sense as are old-people’s homes and mental hospitals.  It may strike him as odd to find the probable explanation of “flying saucer” incidents disposed of en passant in less than a sentence.  He may be less surprised to find that the space program and the “controversial” antimissile missile and fallout shelter programs are understood to have the spending of vast sums of money, not the advancement of science or national defense, as their principal goals, and to learn that “military” draft policies are only remotely concerned with defense.

He may be offended to find the organized repression of minority groups, and even the reestablishment of slavery, seriously (and on the whole favorably) discussed as possible aspects of a world at peace.  He is not likely to take kindly to the notion of the deliberate intensification of air and water pollution (as part of a program leading to peace), even when the reason for considering it is made clear.  That a world without war will have to turn sooner rather than later to universal test-tube procreation will be less disturbing, if no more appealing.

But few readers will not be taken aback, at least, by a few lines in the Report’s conclusions, repeated in its formal recommendations, that suggest that the long-range planning – and “budgeting” – of the “optimum” number of lives to be destroyed annually in overt warfare is high on the Group’s list of priorities for government action.

I cite these few examples primarily to warn the general reader what he can expect.  The statesman and strategists for whose eyes the Report was intended obviously need no such admonition.”

Should the Patriot inquire further and obtain your own copy of this Report; in my humble opinion, if you substitute the word slavery for the word peace wherever the word peace appears in the Report, you’ll better comprehend what these fifteen psychopaths are discussing and sharing with government officials.

Much of what this Report acknowledges is true.  Much of its reasoning, even when founded on fact,  is indoctrinated nonsense parroted by Group members conditioned through years of active participation in the global syndicate’s well-coordinated study group system comprised of various venues such as; academia, secret societies, social clubs, foundation seminars, professional associations, etc.  My primary issue with this very real Report is the Group’s proud refusal, its brazen arrogance in recognizing or considering human spirituality, morality, or even human consciousness as possibly causative or reactive in any regard outside Godless material constraints.  Their vacuously constrained viewpoint denies human nature outside evil influence, rendering their recommendations not useless, but spectacularly threatening to life on earth.

I won’t go on about this any further; the reader can reach their own conclusions, but please recognize the United States and most other countries are being managed by psychopaths and if we as humans in human society are to survive in any state of good health and abundance we must learn to eliminate these sick people from positions of power.  For more on this subject of pathological leadership, look at Professor Andrew M. Lobaczewski’s book entitled Political Ponerology (A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes).

I suspect many of us should pray for our Creator’s assistance more than we have been as we are caught up in a whirlwind of spiritual warfare so fierce, moving so quickly we cannot even identify it. We need spiritual armor.

Bruce K.

07-30-2020: Should Marxist Democrats Be Allowed to Burn Cities?

An ugly question directed toward an uglier issue, once beyond sensible consideration in a responsible adult world – but here we are.  I allude to Marxist Democrats specifically as I am not aware of a non-Marxist/Democrat controlled city where violence is deemed by local governance to be an appropriate form of public discourse.  Let me add here, I am not a member of the Democrat or Republican Parties.  I despise both as dishonorable, integrity-challenged, corrupt political organizations controlled by unseen powerful people serving their own elite agendas – openly antithetical to Main Street American interests.  Both Parties are corrupt participants in what I would call an Administratively Dictatorial Mercantilist system.

I acknowledge that President Trump appears to be bravely battling this corrupt system with a small group of determined team members and I fully support these efforts to clean the global syndicate, with its money laundering, child sex trafficking, human trafficking, ritual sacrifice, drug and weapons trafficking, war mongering and other crimes against humanity from the face of our shared earth. God Speed on this effort President Trump. Thank you so much for leading this battle against evil. You and your team are in our prayers.

Anyway, as an American citizen I do believe in our Constitutionally recognized unalienable rights; and I do believe it is the responsibility of competent government at every level to protect the health and well-being of citizens, citizen owned property and peaceful citizen activities.

So, how did mayhem get here?  Let’s backtrack a bit.  In 1984, Mr. Yuri Bezmenov, aka Tomas Shuman, ex-KGB officer and Soviet defector outlined the Russian KGB psychological warfare strategy for destroying capitalism, opportunity and associated freedoms in western countries from within.  He felt this strategy, comprised of four working phases, was effectively launched against the U.S. in 1949.  Interestingly, Britain’s Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, a global elite think-tank, according to several researchers, also declared psychological war on the American people in that same time-frame.  Please note, so-called Frankfurt School useful idiots had by 1949, been aggressively planting critical theory authoritarian seeds throughout academia, publishing and media since the 1930’s.  Supposedly opposed to capitalist and Marxist-Leninist ideology, both deemed inadequate for societal organization, Frankfurt School critical theory, somehow, kept leaning toward abysmal forms of authoritarianism.

Note additionally, the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) was established in 1919.  I once held in my young hands, found on a dusty shelf in a private Madison, Wisconsin library, a pamphlet Copyrighted 1920, published by CPUSA, detailing how apparatchiks could effectively infiltrate American school boards, teachers unions (AFT was formed in Chicago, 1916), university faculties, city, county, state and Federal government and of course, corporate management, religious organizations, charitable organizations, various NGO’s, professional associations, Chambers of Commerce, etc.  In other words, trusted United States’ institutions have been under totalitarian Communist attack by virulent infiltration for a full century.

Back to Mr. Bezmenov who outlined Soviet psychological warfare strategy as follows:
I’m paraphrasing here.

Phase 1:  A propagandized process of mass Demoralization is implemented and sustained for a minimum of fifteen (15) years.  Those not successfully re-educated with inability to process information were to be executed later.  Once completing the demoralization process, the KGB believed nothing short of traumatic shock could awaken the demoralized public to reality and rational ability to connect factual dots.

Phase 2:  Following successful demoralization of the population, a two to five-year De-stabilization process is implemented to disable the economy, foreign relations, and national defense.

Phase 3:  On the heels of successful de-stabilization, a national Crisis is organized and instigated to undermine and destroy any remaining confidence in previously existing forms of organization and republican government.  It was believed by KGB officers, this phase could be effectively implemented in as little as six weeks.

Phase 4:  The final stage of psychological warfare is Normalization, lasting an indefinite time.

I don’t believe it’s possible to understand targeted group violence occurring in American cities today, outside the context of these psychological warfare phases.  I say targeted as we know many agitators are not local, but are paid and brought in by handlers to riot at pre-determined locations where pallets of bricks are purchased and dropped off ahead of rioting and looting.  This illegal activity is well organized and funded for societal disruption.  Riot participants tend to be a mix of demonstrators initially interested in peaceful protest, then confused and drawn in by paid Leftist agitators, violent Fascists, useful idiot anarchists and opportunistic petty criminals.  The inability of peaceful protestors to successfully reason or comprehend why they should not or why they will participate in destructive violence is in itself, condemnation of the failure of American education and recognition of the overwhelming success of Communist cold war propaganda and indoctrination.

Elections have consequences and today’s consequences are emphasized by violent Leftist attack against persons and property, punctuated by vandalism, tearing down of historic statues and memorabilia, arson, smoke spiraling from burning buildings, injury and in some cases death.  Our criminally malfeasant, apparently complicit, Blue State governors and Blue City Mayors protected by expensive, well-armed bodyguards and gated communities, uniformly laud, and in doing so encourage and exacerbate the rampant destruction of their own cities as legitimate political expression.

Many of us on the side of peace and Rule of Law for an orderly free society believe in standing up for and protecting the weak and innocent against psychopaths, criminals and bullies.  I believe this and therein lies the crux of how to appropriately respond as citizens and as a country to this mayhem.

If as a conservative, you’ve had the misfortune of attempting a reasoned discussion of issues with a Leftist or in many cases, a somewhat less indoctrinated liberal; you are keenly aware, little or no discussion is possible.  With zero evidence or facts presented, you are vehemently charged as not only stupid, but being a terrible person, a cold-hearted, mean-spirited, racist, misogynist, homophobic, capitalist, Nazi motherfucker, who loves poverty and environmental pollution, while hating clean air, clean water, old people, the poor and whatever else.  This is bigoted reality most of the time.  Yes, I know there’s an exception under a rock somewhere.  Good luck with that.

Given today’s inability to reason with the Left as the abused battering ram of the Global Syndicate in its Luciferian obsession with totalitarian New World Order, along with their penchant for lying, bullying, extorting and blackmailing to get their way, compromise doesn’t work.  There is no acceptable compromise for the Left.  It’s global economic slavery or nothing with Elites and the Ruling Class thugs on top.  No middle-ground.  Bipartisanship means doing it the Left Way.  Given this is the mindset of Blue State political power, we must return to the concept of votes having consequences.  We must let our Blue City governance have its way.  This is what the voters chose for their local governance.  They must be allowed to live with their choice.  This is the only way demoralized citizens can be shocked into awakening spiritually and rationally to responsible adulthood and citizenship.

Talking can’t break through the mind-control of indoctrinated demoralization.  Writing can’t do it.  Film can’t do it.  Attempted compromise can’t do it.  Only prayer and perhaps the shock of living with poor choices can do it.  Democrats and Rino’s have a right to this street-real education, hard as it may be.  Some will not come out the other side of this dark gauntlet unharmed.  Innocent people will be casualties.  Since Leftists cannot be reasoned with, I see no way for mayhem to be resolved other than to let it play out wherever demanded by Blue political leadership. Let Blue awaken to the harsh reality of pathological authoritarian control and the bitter fruits of serfdom.

Yes, President Trump’s Administration has a Constitutional duty to protect and defend.  Yes, State’s rights and local government are Constitutionally significant.  The Federal-State-City balance of power here is awkward to nonexistent.  There are no short-term winners, only short-term losers.  The Left has skillfully ensured chaos and pain are inescapable.  We as a people must look long-term at the future of our country if we are to be successful in maintaining our Union in any condition at all, much less in healthy condition.

If President Trump moves to Federally protect and defend citizens in cities where Leftist Democrats demand authoritarian autonomy as elected officials — it’s lose/lose for our President, the Rule of Law and decent people.  Marxist Democrats are already accusing President Trump of CAUSING paid-for, Leftist organized, Leftist violence by trying to protect Federal property and employees from harm.  If he does not move to Federally protect and defend American citizens against locally approved Leftist violence, he will eventually be accused by these same globalist pawns for failing in his duty to protect the people.  This dark Leftist strategy is brilliant and evil.  We must use our heads and be patient.

I’m sorry, but the people of Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle and other Blue Cities voted for the authoritarian Marxist political leaders now seated in power.  These citizens must be allowed to live with their votes.  Communism and its twisted sisters, Socialism, Fascism, and Mercantilism result in the same historic ending every time.  Wanton destruction of Main Street life.  There are no exceptions in human history. 100’s of millions starved, tortured, imprisoned and murdered by collectivist governments are historic proof. I’m sorry we have allowed American education to fail so miserably; dumb us down so thoroughly; but it has and still is.  Hopefully, it won’t get as bad as Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela or many Central American, African or Middle Eastern countries.

Painful as it certainly is and knowing it will get worse; we as a once-free people must let local voters live with their choices.  Fully justified, constitutionally authorized, Trump Administration intervention in this orchestrated local violence will condemn the United States to an unwinnable, never-ending debate wherein no actual exchange of ideas is possible and the Left blames The Donald for everything they themselves are doing.  MSM compliantly lies on the Left’s behalf and decent, hard-working Americans will live with ongoing, irresolvable insanity while picking up the tab for the ensuing disaster.  America for whatever reason, has not yet, since 1949, gone through Communist inspired CRISIS mode.  We have resisted and must not only continue to resist – BUT NOW THE SILENT MAJORITY MUST stand up and overcome the Luciferian evil of inhuman, Godless totalitarianism.

I believe the least harmful path to salvaging our ideologically errant cities and the skeletal remains of our struggling republic is not an immediate show of Federal force, though justified, BUT PATIENCE.  As Sun Tzu taught 2,500 years ago – when an enemy is destroying itself, get out of the way. Our fellow citizens are not our enemy, but their Leftist ideology is delusionally divisive and dangerous. The Left has cunningly lured us into a them or us box canyon, which productive citizens must now find their way out of or languish in authoritarian socialist impoverishment. We must get out of their Blue Way and let them earn their own education regarding the collectivist lie, juxtaposed against the efficacy of our Constitutional Republic.  The Left will not learn by force, just fight more viciously, hurting greater numbers of innocent people in the long run.  Extending a useless debate with the mindless Left lacking any constructive exchange of ideas is not helpful. Let our Leftist brothers and sisters learn the hard way despite the fact they have no right to hurt innocent people in their shared communities. Perhaps the innocents must stand up for themselves as we all must since freedom is never free.

The shortest path forward to a more peaceful and abundant future for our children and grandchildren is not to forestall the certain failure of Leftist ideology and local Blue Governance through justifiable Federal intervention;  BUT to let the shock and awe of this brutal Marxist tumor wake up our fellow American brothers and sisters on their own.  Let them take ownership of their mistakes in judgement and begin cleaning up their own local nanny-state mess.  If they want urine, feces, ashes, and blood on their sidewalks – so be it – at least for a time.  If this “let it play out locally” policy I’m suggesting fails; a policy which could possibly work itself out in the awakened voting booth – Patriots can go hard at any point in the future, wherein our Second Civil War with the slaughter of thousands of ignorant Leftists will settle the matter one way or another, at least for a while.  There will be casualties either way.  The Left has made sure such pain is inescapable.  Just sayin’.

Let’s think this through before acting.

04-09-2020 TKC: 3, 6, 9 & The Universe

Does randomness exist in our universe?
Is coincidence always coincidence? Is it ever?
Some fun number stuff to think about.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ― Nikola Tesla

111 222 333
3 6 9

444 555 666
12 15 18
3 6 9

777 888 999
21 24 27
3 6 9

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” ― Nikola Tesla

Interesting stuff, this 3, 6, 9. Mr. Tesla was fascinated by it’s implications and I doubt his fascination was singularly attributable to OCD or superstition. He saw links to life energy in these sequences. Mathematically speaking, similar patterns occur in other Base Number Systems like Base 10 and Base 16, so the pattern isn’t surprising. That said, the existence of similar patterns doesn’t logically limit significance of the pattern under consideration, nor vice versa.

Is the number 9 foundationally linked to the quantized energy and bio-chemical structure of our material universe or beyond? I have no idea, but it’s a curious thing to ponder.

Have fun considering and learning more about this.

Knowledge is power.