09-11-2020: Lie, Disarm, Control

“All political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The communist party must command all the guns, that way, no guns can ever be used to command the party.”  {Mao Zedong} Chairman Mao, as usual, was psychopathically incorrect.  Legitimate political powers derive from the people in defense of unalienable rights ordained by our Creator.  […]

08-30-2020: The Commie, The Syndicate, The Slave

National treasure, Dr. Tomas Sowell, discussing his then new 2018 book, Discrimination and Disparities with Dave Rubin’s, Rubin Report asked, “Is our behavior better or worse since the advent of the Welfare State”?  Question asked and answered.  Dr. Sowell went on to comment, “common decency isn’t common anymore”.[1] Are we seeing this sad behavioral concept […]

08-28-2020: Capitalism, Consequence and Self Interest

The more violence necessary to maintain a system,the less sustainable the system. Unfortunately, Marxist/Fascist systems always tend toward violence. Coercion and force are necessary to prevent free exchange of ideas, goods and services between individuals acting in their own interest; such trade being essential to any free society and in a larger sense, civilization itself. […]

08-23-2020: What Does WW III Look Like?

Are we already in WW III?  How difficult might it be to identify asymmetric warfare when we’re caught in the middle of it?  The demonic global syndicate has abused American and European wealth, diplomatic influence and military power to control and resource rape third world developing nations for decades.  De-capitalization of the U. S. began […]

08-21-2020: Violence in a Post Literal Society

It’s important as American citizens, we love each other and protect each other to the maximum extent possible, especially when attacked by ignorance and Luciferian hatred.  We cannot falter in this and expect support from Divine Providence.  Prayer, fasting and honest repentance before our Creator are necessary ingredients for obtaining spiritual discernment, wisdom, strength and […]

08-12-2020: Teachers-Taxes-Reason

I have viewed teaching as a noble profession for most of my life.  Some of my favorite people have been or are teachers.  I’m blessed with fond memories of having been taught by them or in some cases, such as Dr. Thomas Sowell or Father Dumitru Staniloae, having read their works; and there’s no doubt […]

08-07-2020: Big Government ► Little Freedom → Huge Government ► No Freedom

Question:  Why is Big Government dangerous? There are many answers but here’s One Answer:  Many psychopaths are attracted to large organizations where lack of moral constraint facilitates power accumulation. Intimidating size, employee drive for career enhancement and subordinate reluctance to irritate superiors generates self-interested hordes of employees masking socially deviant behavior of individuals along the […]

08-02-2020: A Look at The Report From Iron Mountain

On July 30th, our TKC post considered Blue State/Blue City mayhem in the context of Marxist ideology functioning as a battering ram of the Luciferian global syndicate’s obsession with implementing their totalitarian New World Order (NWO).  This type of observation, is of course, circa late 1960’s and later CIA propaganda, routinely ridiculed by MSM order-followers […]

07-30-2020: Should Marxist Democrats Be Allowed to Burn Cities?

An ugly question directed toward an uglier issue, once beyond sensible consideration in a responsible adult world – but here we are.  I allude to Marxist Democrats specifically as I am not aware of a non-Marxist/Democrat controlled city where violence is deemed by local governance to be an appropriate form of public discourse.  Let me […]

04-09-2020 TKC: 3, 6, 9 & The Universe

Does randomness exist in our universe? Is coincidence always coincidence? Is it ever?Some fun number stuff to think about. “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ― Nikola Tesla 111 222 333 3 6 9 444 555 666 12 15 18 3 6 9 […]