08-30-2020: The Commie, The Syndicate, The Slave

National treasure, Dr. Tomas Sowell, discussing his then new 2018 book, Discrimination and Disparities with Dave Rubin’s, Rubin Report asked, “Is our behavior better or worse since the advent of the Welfare State”?  Question asked and answered.  Dr. Sowell went on to comment, “common decency isn’t common anymore”.[1] Are we seeing this sad behavioral concept […]

07-30-2020: Should Marxist Democrats Be Allowed to Burn Cities?

An ugly question directed toward an uglier issue, once beyond sensible consideration in a responsible adult world – but here we are.  I allude to Marxist Democrats specifically as I am not aware of a non-Marxist/Democrat controlled city where violence is deemed by local governance to be an appropriate form of public discourse.  Let me […]