08-23-2020: What Does WW III Look Like?

Are we already in WW III?  How difficult might it be to identify asymmetric warfare when we’re caught in the middle of it?  The demonic global syndicate has abused American and European wealth, diplomatic influence and military power to control and resource rape third world developing nations for decades.  De-capitalization of the U. S. began […]

08-02-2020: A Look at The Report From Iron Mountain

On July 30th, our TKC post considered Blue State/Blue City mayhem in the context of Marxist ideology functioning as a battering ram of the Luciferian global syndicate’s obsession with implementing their totalitarian New World Order (NWO).  This type of observation, is of course, circa late 1960’s and later CIA propaganda, routinely ridiculed by MSM order-followers […]